Here are the settings that can be configured in the datalayer-site.xml located in $SPITFIRE_HOME/conf folder.

name value description
datalayer.home /opt/datalayer-spitfire The home folder of the Datalayer Spitfire distribution. ${datalayer.home}/bin should contain the executable scripts.
datalayer.http.authentication.type simple Defines authentication used for HTTP endpoint. Supported values are: simple | kerberos
datalayer.http.keytab.path /etc/security/keytabs/spnego.keytab The keytab path to use for HTTP SPNEGO authentication.
datalayer.script.username datalayer The linux username to be used when launching scripts such as ${datalayer.script.on-user-creation}.
datalayer.script.on-user-creation /dla/datalayer-spitfire/bin/datalayer-user-create Script called by Spitfire on user creation. Parameters are: $1=username $2=uid $3=gid $4=ldap-hostname $5=ldap-port
datalayer.linux.userid 2000 The inital linux user id to use when creating a user.
datalayer.linux.groupid 500 The inital linux group id to use when creating a user.
datalayer.ldap.hostname local The LDAP hostname to use when creating a user ('local' means you don't want to use LDAP).
datalayer.ldap.port 389 The LDAP port to use when creating a user.
datalayer.hdp.version The Hortonworks HDP release number (you will find it listing the HDFS /hdp/apps folder (hdfs dfs -ls /hdp/apps). This is needed to add properties when launching a Spark REPL on that specific Hortonworks Hadoop deployment when working in YARN mode.
datalayer.spark.home /opt/spark-2.0.0-bin-hadoop2.7 Spark Home.
datalayer.spark.master.mode local The Master mode for Spark (e.g. local[*], yarn-client, mesos).
datalayer.spark.yarn.jars   The jars to be added in the Spark application classpath running on YARN.
datalayer.spark.submit.deploy.mode client The Deploy Mode for Spark (client or server).
datalayer.spark.executor.instances 3 The number of Spark executors.
datalayer.spark.yarn.timeline-service.enabled false  
datalayer.hadoop.conf.dir /etc/hadoop/conf The Hadoop Configuration Directory.
datalayer.hbase.conf.dir /etc/hbase/conf The HBase Configuration Directory.
datalayer.zookeeper.conf.dir /etc/zookeeper/conf The Zookeeper Configuration Directory.
datalayer.hadoop.keytab.path /etc/security/keytabs/datalayer.keytab The keytab to use for Kerberos clusters.
datalayer.hadoop.keytab.principal datalayer@DATALAYER.IO The keytab principal for Kerberos clusters. derby The type of storage to use: derby | hbase
datalayer.solr.conf.path /sdk/conf/solr/conf The absolute directory path that contains the solr config to be uploaded to zookeeper.