Documentation for using and learning about Datalayer.

Datalayer Science Platform

Datalayer is building a solution for Big Data Scientists designed to be Simple, Collaborative and Multi Cloud.

The Datalayer Science Platform is particulary suited for Data Science exploration teams and is open source under the Apache License (source code available in our Github repositories).

The version 0.1.0 is released and fully supported on AWS Amazon Cloud. Today, you can create Kubernetes cluster on the AWS Amazon cloud and deploy as many as you want Data Studio which acts as a collaborative Data Science Notebook to share datasets analysis with authentication via Twitter OAuth. You will benefit from Apache Spark (Data Analytics) and Apache Hadoop (Distributed File System) running natively on K8S.

You will also get a K8S Dashboard with Heapster to monitor resources usage. Last but not least, we also ship Pilot UI, a nice user interface to control your cluster.

Datalayer solutions make life easier, more productive, cheaper and bring more business value.

You are welcome to contribute on this project as a User or as a Developer hacking on the base source code available in our Github repositories.

If you have to start from scratch, just follow our quick start install guide.

We are looking forward to your feedbacks on the current version and inputs on our release plan to fit your needs, especially in terms of applications, storage systems and cloud support you want to use.

Send feedback or question to our Twitter account @datalayerio.


As a company, you need a fully supported solution. Datalayer provides subscriptions based support.


We encourage you to build Verticals into our current Horizontal offering. Contact us for help on this.