Datalayer, Azure Deliver
Notebook Solution to Data Scientists

16 October 2015

Datalayer developed a WEB Notebook that allows data scientists to easily build models on internal and external big datasets. The Notebook runs on Spark/Hadoop, is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and can also be deployed on-premises. Mathematical libraries, real-time collaboration, and publication into Microsoft OneNote make the Datalayer Notebook a first-choice solution for enterprises and academics.

"Microsoft Azure complements our Notebook solution for data scientists working with Big Data," said Eric Charles, CEO of Datalayer. "Azure Active Directory security and integration with online Office applications puts Datalayer in a unique position on the market."

To learn more about how Datalayer partnered with Azure to provide a real-time collaboration solution to scientists and academics, read the mini-case study and datasheet.

Initially published on the Microsoft Channel 9 blog post.