Latest News from Datalayer

17 January 2018 - Datalayer announces today the first release of a solution for Big Data Scientists on Kubernetes designed to be Simple, Collaborative and Multi Cloud

The Datalayer Science Platform is particulary suited for Data Science exploration teams and is open source under the Apache License. The version 0.0.1 is released and fully supported on AWS Amazon Cloud. Today, you can create Kubernetes cluster on the AWS Amazon cloud and deploy as many as you want Apache Zeppelin based Notebooks with Apache Spark (data analytics) and Apache Hadoop (distributed file system) running natively on K8S... (read more).

16 April 2016 - Datalayer WEB Notebook for Big Data Scientists to utilize Microsoft Account and Microsoft Azure Active Directory Identities

Datalayer today announced the integration of the Datalayer WEB Notebook for Big Data Scientists with Microsoft OneNote. The company also announced that Datalayer WEB Notebook will be deployed on Microsoft Azure... (read more).

16 October 2015 - Datalayer, Azure Deliver Notebook Solution to Data Scientists

Datalayer developed a WEB Notebook that allows data scientists to easily build models on internal and external big datasets. The Notebook runs on Spark/Hadoop, is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and can also be deployed on-premises. Mathematical libraries, real-time collaboration, and publication into Microsoft OneNote make the Datalayer Notebook a first-choice solution for enterprises and academics... (read more).

20 March 2014 - Datalayer Joins the Hortonworks System Integrator Partner Program

Datalayer, a Big Data solution provider based in Belgium, today announced it has joined the Hortonworks System Integrator Partner Program... (read more).