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Apache Zeppelin

What you notice first in Apache Zeppelin is the ability to connect numerous data sources, use algorithms written language as different as Scala, R and Python and share your analysis. Datalayer builds on top of Zeppelin to offer unique features any company needs in house.

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Transform any note into a process can you call via a REST API. Call the note easily from any client.

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Assemble your notes to make a complete application. We offer a visual interface to compose a flow.

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Kerberos for the WEB user interface, with user impersonation. We integrate with MIT Kerberos as Microsoft Active Directory.

Data Science Platform

Data Science Magic

Combine Spark, Python and R power on an integrated platform.

Tell Data Stories

Analyse datasets and demonstrate your skills. Grow your Data Science Network and Connect with peers.


Bring social behavior in a Notebook tailored for your Data Scientists: Clone, Fork, Follow, Like...


Setup your environment with ease with our Docker images.

Also for Business Analysts

Share on Microsoft OneNote and Twitter.

It's Secured

We run on Kerberos and on professional distributions (Hortonworks, Cloudera...) to protect your data assets.


To accomodate a variety of use cases and business.


Find new Consumer habits in less expensive and more diverse ways.


Identify Loyal Customers with Text Mining and Graph Analytics.


Lower maintenance costs and vehicules delays. Help Management deciding to further invest in IoT.


Patterns of fraud can be retrieved in the unstructured machine data generated.


Extend customer view incorporating internal and external information sources.